Equestrian Estate services

Equestrian Property Planning & Design in Florida

At Palm Beach Design Intl, we have the necessary expertise in equestrian estates and architecture and are partnered with the best custom horse barn architects. With us, horse farm estate involves an efficient construction process that guarantees high quality results.

We build custom equine barns and sustainable stables for horse owners and equestrian facilities. Tell us your vision for your new construction equestrian barn design, and we'll make sure there there is enough room for multiple horses, ample hay storage, and a fair sized tack room, all while ensuring that your horse barn, riding arena and equestrian property are aesthetically pleasing.

How Our Equestrian Property Planning & Design Works

Have you always dreamed of having your own unique equestrian property? Before breaking ground on a brand new construction of your dream horse barn, there are many factors to consider. You can trust Palm Beach Design Intl to take care of all of your needs. Aside from your budget and timeline, deciding on the right location of your equestrian property is one of the most vital first steps of equestrian property planning design. We have a list of all the necessary steps to take.

Site Planning for Florida Equestrian Property

The process of creating horse barns with living quarters starts with choosing the right location. Depending on the square footage of the land, many owners request multiple stalls, gates and fencing but may not have room to build the stables they need. This is where we come in to develop a site plan and feasibility study that will fulfill your custom needs. The site plan reflects that we take into account that large horse barns require space.

Horse Farms Florida - CAD Drafting/Space Planning

Once we've visited the site and taken accurate measurements, we can then proceed with building your horse property on a digital platform. This part of the designing stage lets us make any changes necessary before proceeding the architectural building of custom barn.

Florida Horse Barns Design

Our pottery barn design services sure that your barn design has a suitable storage area, adequate fencing, gates and, stalls, creating sustainable stables with horse safety in mind. No barn design project is truly complete without the proper tack room. If you are looking to elevate your equestrian properties, ask us how creating a riding arena may be just what you need to complete the work. Whether it's a pole barn design, barn house design, or even a small burn design, your dream will become a reality with our help.

Hotwalker & Round Pen placement for expansion

Let our professional equestrian architects team upgrade your horse walker and build you the ultimate round pen for horses. It is a great alternative to a large scale riding arena for owners who have limited acreage on their side of the country.

Equestrian Interior Design

The interior design of your indoor riding arena can help elevate the experience of your clientele as well as the horses who live there. Making sure that your sustainable stables are not only built to last but but have fire safety stall walls ensure extra protection for your horses and any other animals you are housing.

Covered Arenas 

You may want to consider a custom shed design or stable that has a covered outdoor arena. This helps protect and shelter the animals from natures harsh elements.

Our Virtual Walkthrough and Architectural 3D Rendering Services allow us to give our clients the very best, most accurate, and most beautiful 3D renderings possible. These virtual 3D renders will show you exactly what is going to be included and how your space should look once we have finished. We will guide you step-by-step through every phase of the construction, from rough plans, until we have a final, beautiful, space-sized, architectural 3D rendering that you can view.

Project Management

At Palm Beach Design Intl, we know that project planning and research is essential to creating and delivering work that caters to our clients' specific needs. We will provide a project manager and construction project management team with the necessary skill and knowledge to accommodate your needs with equestrian estate. Once we have determined the acreage of your future property, we can complete the custom barn design you've requested.

Why Choose Our Equestrian Property Planning & Design in Florida?

Do you own enough land to house multiple horses and are thinking of building not only an indoor and outdoor riding arena? Are you interested in custom designs for horse properties in Florida? We can build the training facilities you need. Trust our professional equestrian property design firm to build safe and sustainable stables and barns.

Whether you've always wanted your very own personal horse property or you've always dreamed of owning and operating multiple equestrian properties, you can count on Palm Beach Design Intl's equestrian interior design service to build a safe and nurturing environment for your horses and other farm animals.

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