March 20, 2023

How to Design a Modern Kitchen: Ideas for a Sleek and Functional Space

Trying to work in a kitchen that is disorganized and cluttered can become stressful. This is why many people are opting for modern kitchen designs that will open up the room while being an inviting space to your guests and family to use. At Palm Beach Design Intl, we have designers who have the experience and qualifications to ensure that we provide the best ideas and modern designs for a sleek and functional space within your kitchen, while respecting your vision.

We at Palm Beach Design Intl are proud to offer the most impeccable services out of all the residential design build firms near you. With roles ranging from residential interior designers to design build contractors, our experienced crew provides exceptional kitchen modernization through the implementation of a successful design build process. Our services are sure to impress you by efficiently combining our designing skills with your aesthetic tastes.

What Makes A Kitchen Modern?

Modernization of a kitchen typically involves open space concepts, simplistic colour palettes that are easy on the eyes, well organized and clutter-free. All these factors provide a relaxing and entertaining space for you and your guests to enjoy. A modern kitchen is one with an overall look that's sleek, with simple designs that will make you want to spend time in your kitchen.

Palm Beach Design Intl has a portfolio of different projects for residential build design that could provide clients with an idea of how fancy, yet inviting modern kitchens work.

The Basics of Designing A Modern Kitchen

Designing a modern kitchen can be an overwhelming process. It involves factoring in all the elements you want to have incorporated into your kitchen, while respecting the desired aesthetics. Within the process of designing a modern kitchen, you also want to take into account finding adequate storage space, sufficient countertops, and a layout for all the necessary appliances that will make preparing meals easier and more practical.

A clean, uncluttered kitchen sets your home's tone, communicating order to anyone in the room. An organized cooking space helps save time and money, and makes your kitchen more welcoming overall. However, the kitchen is one of those rooms in your home that are hard to keep clutter-free. Food preparations and high traffic are common reasons for a dirty kitchen.

In a cluttered space, food preparation and cooking can become annoying and stressful. Thankfully, Palm Beach Design Intl can easily solve this problem by integrating high quality storage systems in your kitchen. We know that good storage provides space for keeping your utensils, sauces, food supplies, and spices. Having a storage space has the following benefits:

  • Additions to the aesthetics
  • Easier time cooking
  • Effective use of limited space
  • Guaranteed safety of delicate items, like jars
  • Increase of your home's resale value
  • Protection of the kitchen against hazards

Palm Beach Design Intl's excellent designers can advise on layout, storage and appliances, but be prepared to think through every little detail early in the process. Every step of the project is critical for the overall success of achieving your dream kitchen. From utilities to your modern kitchen lighting options, our team is dedicated to providing you with your dream kitchen.

Where to Start When Designing a Modern Kitchen?

Modern kitchens are always an investment, so be clear about your budget. In doing so, our team can develop creative solutions to organize and optimize space in your kitchen while respecting your budget. Many modern kitchens incorporate contemporary elements such as wood countertops, frameless cabinets, subway tiles, marble countertops and shaker style cabinets. A modern design for your kitchen requires you to figure out what modern style you prefer, while choosing modern cabinets and counter tops to incorporating to the design.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, Palm Beach Design Intl will help you by providing you with the budget (approved by you) alongside the construction timeline of our design build residential services. We also provide site and space planning, as well site visits and field measure. We will accompany you throughout the entire process in order to keep you aware during the process of designing your modern kitchen.

How to Design a Modern Kitchen Layout

The designers at Palm Beach Design Intl will provide you with the required experts to listen to your wants and needs for your dream kitchen. Learning about your current kitchen appliances, and food supply can provide our experts with the knowledge to optimize the space within your kitchen to ensure that it is clutter free and well organized. Not all kitchen layouts are the same, so if we are working with smaller, or more awkward spaces, it is very important to ensure that storage is planned carefully and that it is maximized to its full potential.

There are a few things to consider depending on what kind of kitchen you have:

  • Long narrow rooms suit the classic galley kitchen layout – one or two long stretches of cabinets. This is one of the most ergonomic designs and it is popular in modern open plan set ups.
  • Alternatively, other popular layouts include U-shape and L-shape kitchens, with both suiting squarer rooms that can be set within a larger room. The trusty work triangle that puts sink, hob and refrigeration within easy reach of each other still holds true, and works in all of these layouts.
  • With bigger spaces come other concerns. Clear and obvious flow through the space is important, as is safety and keeping children and guests away from hotspots. 
  • The range or cooktop and wall ovens need countertop space nearby for hot dishes and utensils. 

Full-length cabinets, deep drawer organization and pull-out storage are much more viable options than traditional shelving, while bi-fold units make workflow in the kitchen smoother as they can be left open during food prep and cooking.

Where to Put Kitchen Appliances

In order to determine where to put your appliances, you need to think about how you use your kitchen. With the key elements in place, storage can be designed around each work station, with pan drawers next to the cooking appliance and the trash can close to the sink.

Services such as water supply and drainage will dictate where wet appliances can go, and the work flow should dictate what sits next to what. With the kitchen used for living and entertaining, there is a growing desire for utility rooms to take the mess of the kitchen away, freeing dining and entertaining spaces from the noise of washing machines and dishwashers.  

What Should Be Included In A Modern Kitchen?

A modern kitchen should include sleekly designed cabinets and a countertop in materials such as marble or granite, or quartz, which can reproduce the look of natural stone, but is easier to maintain. Appliances should have the same fuss-free appearance as the cabinets and counters if on show, but integrating them will keep the look of the room streamlined. 

Integrate Storage Racks and Hooks

There are many ways to enhance your existing space with the use of storage hooks and racks. There’s no limit to how and where to use rocks and hooks in your kitchen, you can place them on the inside door or outside of your cabinets, among other things.

Invisible Storage Solutions

Most kitchens have plenty of unused spaces; it’s just a matter of finding them. It can be surprising to see the many ways you can create great spaces in places you never even considered as possibilities, such as under the sink or behind the cabinet doors.

An excellent place to start is the flat surface or free space between the fridge and wall. These spaces are great for shelving and hooks, which, as established earlier, can also be fashionable and functional.

Multiple Drawers

Multiple drawers allow you to keep away as many items as possible, such as dishes, pots, pans, and utensils. You can even integrate these drawers into your kitchen island or even under the sink. Multiple drawers are among the best small kitchen storage ideas since they can either be fitted into already existing storage or stand independently.

Polish Your Pantry

While the mentality of "you can never have too much pantry space" is encouraging, it can get too big. If that's the case, try remodeling it to maximize every inch. Long and shallow shelves give you extra room while still making it easy to identify everything. You can also consider a rolling cart – where you stock all the frequently used items and roll them to and from the preparation area.

Remodeling Cabinetry

While the idea of aesthetics is often at the center stage of any kitchen remodeling, space is also important. If you are replacing your cabinets, it might be a good idea to consider a second row of cabinets stack above the first one in order to add more storage room while modernizing your space. Palm Beach Design Intl recommends cabinetry and storage devices that will help maximize the use of space.

On the other hand, if a wall of solid cabinets is not your thing, then you might try incorporating glass front cabinet doors into your design for a nice balance. Glass front cabinets create a stylish look and offer storage space that acts as a display for special occasion glasses, dishes and other things you’d like to show off.

A personalized, modern kitchen cabinet can do the following, among other perks:

  • Lend your kitchen a very contemporary feel
  • Provide extra storage space, especially for small kitchens
  • Suit any style, shape, or size kitchen
  • Use vast materials, based on your preference

Set Different Heights

You also have to take what’s inside the cabinets, islands, and other storage spaces into consideration. When designing the cabinets, Palm Beach Design Intl will help you set different shelving heights to accommodate items of various sizes. Depending on your preferences, we may also install space savers like slide-out pan and pot racks, utensil dividers, and spice trays. As previously mentioned, you can attach shelves or racks to the inside of the cabinet door to increase storage capacity.

Use Kitchen Islands

Full custom kitchen island storage is one of the easiest ways of adding beauty while enhancing the space. Finding one that has features personalized to your needs and uses a high-quality manufacturing process and materials will ensure that your new island will solve your issue of ample storage, functionality, and display.

Kitchen islands allow access from all sides, not only making them a perfect choice for different kitchen tasks, but also a focal point of a kitchen, especially with stylish countertops. What makes kitchen island a must-have is their storage abilities. Indeed, an average, competent good kitchen island can double up as a cookbook library to hold your collection of cookbooks or a hutch for items that tend to get lost in the back of cabinets.

A good kitchen island will do the following, among other things:

  • Add versatility, storage, and cabinetry
  • Act as an informal dining area for the kids (or for extra guests)
  • Give you diverse countertop options to match your decor needs.
  • Make your kitchen more useful and functional – especially for larger kitchens with the ability to add refrigerator drawers, preparation sinks, and additional cooking areas.
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